Tiong Bahru Food Waste Recycled

This Week : 5.487 Tonnes

Total So Far: 19.540 Tonnes

Co2 Emissions Avoided This Week : 4.983 Tonnes

Total CO2 Emissions Saved : 17.586 Tonnes

The Bio-Regen

Unused food is put into our Bio-Regen® Conversion Unit to be digested. It is safe and eco-friendly which can really help our Earth by turning unused food into something valuable that can help us to grow even more food. At this present moment, Singapore is only recycling 13% of food compared to the 100% that we could eventually be recycling. Bio-Regen® Conversion Unit are a way of the future as they are sustainable.

The Process

Step 1

Place two types of fuel in the unit – VRM Mikro Clean® in the left hand fuel cap and VRM® Photon Fuel in the right hand cap.

Step 2

Food is collected in food recycling buckets

Step 3

Tip the bucket contents into the unit and slowly feed material into the central void in the sink. Make sure water flow is sufficient to carry material to the grinder, along with adding the Bio-Regen® Photon Fuel

Step 4

When you have finished feeding material into the unit, wash down feeding basin with Bio-Regen Mikro Clean® which is a continuous process

Step 5

The slurry is then pumped into IBCs, where it is collected by a lorry from the site and stored and left to ferment for 28 days

Step 6

After 28 days the slurry is decanted where the solids (10%) and liquids (90%) is separated

Step 7

To the liquid, inputs for the final balancing is added and transferred to a storage tank for a further 14 days

Step 8

After they have homogenised, XLR8® Bio-enhancer is then made. From this, different XLR8®’s can be made; XLR8® Cr, XLR8® Sillage, XLR8 N®, XLR8® P, XLR8® Ca and XLR8® K, to be used in agriculture


The Bio-Regen® process captures putrescent organic material including unused food. This material is used to manufacture as liquid formulation containing key biological elements critical for soil health and disease management. The by-products of the Bio-Regen® process therefore become ingredients in products used in agriculture and horticulture. Outputs from the Bio-Regen® process are liquid or contain very high moisture content.


The formulations used in our products are partially self sustaining, which means they capture and store their own energy through photosynthesis and manufacture their own food. Our formulations help to digest the unused food from the Bio-Regen® process back to basic materials such as Carbon, Nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphorus which is essential in the growth of crops. These microbes work to absorb raw energy from the sun and store it for later use. They attract and capture nutrients such as Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide from the air which is essential for carbon sequestration which in time could help to defer global warming. The energy and microbe rich accelerator that results from this is then sent to local farms where it revitalizes the energy and nutrient systems in the soil. When used on crops, this special bio enhancer works in the soil to provide energy from the sun and to attract nutrients which plants need. The bio enhancers allow plants to become rich and packed full of nutrients and bio-energy making the soil more fertile. The use of XLR8® results in healthier crops and consistent food production.